About Us

Ketomei is a food tech company that provides  functional food, technologies and proven method to help our customers lose weight and meet their health goals. 

Our story began with one man’s challenging search for keto meals and his burning desire to create and sustain a unique Keto diet and lifestyle in carb-rich Asia.  From this, Ketomei was born.

Ketomei was founded by Constant Tong in Sept 2019. Born and raised in Singapore, he moved to the US in 2007 and learnt about Keto diet a few years ago. Ketomei was started due to his passion and his own experience on the benefits of the diet. He found that it was extremely difficult to stay on Keto in Asia as our food is very much carbs based. He wanted to help more people get into the Keto lifestyle and improve their health while eating great tasting food.

Our Food

As the leading Keto brand in Singapore, we offer meals specially designed for you to cater to the Keto diet (for Ketomei) and balanced/High Protein Diet (for Fit Fresh). 


Our meals are chef prepared and delivered right at your doorstep. Our kitchen houses professional chefs that cook up the yummiest meals fresh everyday, with rotating menus so you’ll be spoilt for choice! 


  • Innovative Recipe with precise Macros/Nutrition Facts 
    • Hand crafted by real chefs – We take the time to plan each dish and make every meal from scratch, so that you don’t have to
    • Mix of western and local meals – 
    • Weekly rotating menu from Asian to Western Cuisine, including local hawker-style shiokness!
  • Individually packed – Our meals are vacuum sealed and blast chilled to keep our ingredients fresh and preserve all the yummy goodness. We do this to keep oxygen and bacteria out of your food, keeping your meals fresh till meal time!
  • High quality and fresh ingredients prepared daily 
  • No preservatives – no hidden nasties