What Is
The Keto Diet

Unlock your body’s natural ability to burn fat for fuel.

  • Lose Weight
  • Reverse Ageing
  • Gain Health For Life

Eat Well Never Go Hungry

High Good Fats + Low Carb + Proteins = KETOSIS

A healthy way of eating, focused on nutrient dense food. A ketogenic diet creates a cleaner alternative fuel source for the whole body especially, your brain. A well formulated keto meal plan puts your body in a state of ketosis, where body fats are burned as a source of energy. Hence, you can lose weight, and
gain numerous health benefits including reset your body’s biological clock.

A well formulated keto meal plan can provide necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to enable your body to thrive.

rosemary chicken

The Many Benefits of a
Low-Carb Keto Diet Lifestyle

  • Reduce body weight with no hunger
  • Maintain healthy blood glucose levels
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Put Type 2 diabetes into remission
  • Encourage the body to burn stored body fat as energy thus reducing body fat
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve blood pressures
  • Improve cholesterol quality by reducing triglycerides and increasing HDL or good cholesterol
  • Promote hormonal re-balance
  • Combat metabolic syndrome

“I lost 18kg in less than 90 days with no hunger.” – Amy Boon

“It’s an express ticket to reach my goals.” – Irene Ng

Singapore’s First Fully
Keto Meal Plan Delivery

  • Meals delivered to your door
  • Widest Variety of 100% Keto-friendly meals in Singapore, local and global menu
  • Chef prepared, freshly chilled
  • Professional coaching from trained nutritionist Kelly Tan Peterson #asiaketoqueen

Kickstart Your Keto Life,
The Easy Way

Eat Intelligently. Change Your Life.