Transformation is never a straight and narrow road. There will be plenty of times you have to re-route and try new things. 39 kg between pictures and a whole lot more confidence and learning to love myself again these past few years! At the raw age of 19, I weighed 98 kg. Been bullied by my peers, ostracized by many and mainly being looked down upon in today’s society because I was deemed “Ugly” Why? because I was fat. I decided to do something about how I looked not because outer appearance matters but I wanted to feel confident inside and out. I tried a lot of things – Starving/ exercising a lot…. Eating just fruits. I did lose weight and it was addictive! However, I needed to find something that was more sustainable. I had a very poor diet where I would occasionally starve myself by only having one meal a day and that would be eating a simple salad. It was torturous at the start but after a while I got used to it.

Recently, I tried Ketomei’s keto diet meal subscription. Got to try out 1 box first ; 6 different meals inside. It’s surprisingly super tasty! Many times, we always have that misconception that healthy food equates to bland or bad.
But this tastes super good! Healthy and easy to heat up. I only have to put it in the microwave or steam it for a few minutes and it’s ready! Within 1 week, I managed to lose 2 kg! A huge accomplishment for me because I thought I could never go further than 61 kg. Right now, I’m happy to say that I’m 59kg with the lowest percentage body fat! Thank you Ketomei for fulfilling my body fat goals! Highly recommend this to anyone who would like to lose body fats especially when you think you cannot lose any further.