Our Meals

Our Ingredients

  • 100% Keto compliant ingredients & cooking methods
  • Zero sugar (including hidden ones!)
  • Healthy fats (your fuel!)
  • Extremely low carb meals (to achieve ketosis and promote weight loss)
  • High quality and fresh ingredients
  • No preservatives and hidden nasties
  • Cook chilled method (not frozen) to last 7-10 days

Our Meals

Our meals are designed for our customers to embrace and enjoy the benefits of a Keto lifestyle by delighting with our keto-compliant local and international dishes specially crafted by our in-house team of chefs and nutritionists, cooked under strict standards and control, and use only the finest keto-friendly ingredients.

We recreate many local and western dishes by creatively replacing the carbs by introducing cauliflower rice, konjac noodle/rice, almond/coconut flour and use only the low carb vegetables. This way, our customers can stay in Keto while still enjoying their favourie dishes and desserts.

Cook Chilled Method

Our central kitchen also invests in cook-chilled technology to retain the right quality (hygiene, taste, texture, and moisture) of your meals.

We also remove the oxygen and sealed in the freshness of the meal to make our meals stay fresh up to 7 days.

Our Delivery

We deliver twice a week 6 meals each time either morning or evening timeslot.

We believe that meal prep food should not be frozen as it affects the quality of the food. We also want our meals to last longer (at least 7 days in the chiller) so as to make it convenient. Meal prep with daily delivery has to be consumed daily and they are usually not sealed, which is a risk in environmental and bacteria exposure.

Our Community

Our beliefs and real-life experiences (remember how we started?) drive our commitment to promote the benefits of a keto diet and lifestyle.

We run free keto workshop, gathering, coaching and our quarterly Keto 42 days challenge so you get support from our community of seasoned keto expert and nutrition coach.

We also offer member rewards and referral program so that you can introduce Keto and Ketomei to your friends and get rewarded.

We Eat, Live and Breathe KETO!