Jon luke

Age: 25

I wasn’t self conscious till about 2 years ago when I started acting. My peers often joked about me gaining weight and having a beer belly which I didn't take seriously. It was only till I saw my enlarged and swollen version on TV, then I realized.. Wow I am fat! My first 10kg was lost about a year ago through basic exercising and basketball. Afterwhich, I thought I hit a plateau of 76 kg as I couldn’t reduce any further. It wasn’t until 6 weeks ago when I started dieting with Ketomei and doing higher intensity exercises than I managed to bring down my overall weight. Today, I'm weighing 69 kg with a visible 6 pack. If you’ve been struggling to get abs for a long time, best to kick start it with Ketomei! No regrets guarantee!

Before 76Kg
After 69Kg

Hazel Mui

Age: 60

I first started on a low-carb diet a few years back. I’ve always been slightly overweight and tried many different types of diet just to lose weight. I began doing simple exercises around my neighborhood after work as a form of exercise. It was only recently that I was introduced to ketomei by a friend who tried their 6 weeks meal subscription and I could see massive differences in such a short period of time! I wanted to try it for myself to believe it. I tried out their 3 weeks meal subscription for starters and within the first few days, I’ve already lost 2kg just by consuming their meals. Very happy with the results so far as this keto meal plan is perfect for those who do not exercise much or are too busy to inculcate an exercise routine in their lifestyle! Highly recommend this to anyone who finds it difficult to lose weight due to their busy schedule!

Before 56Kg
After 52Kg

Griselda Khng

Age: 29

It’s always a wrestle for me gaining and losing weight in short periods of time to achieve “optimal” numbers for the sport of sailing. Gaining till 62kg and losing to 54kg in 1 month, or on demand, is definitely not a piece of cake. There’s more to it than solely exercising; a large part of it is food intake. I explored many different types of meal plans and the one that proved most efficient and delicious is the keto diet. Enjoying the food makes the process a lot more bearable and might I dare say, a bit easier. This is why I choose @keto.mei! Thanks for being with me through thick and thin!

Before 62Kg
After 54Kg


Age: 60

I never had any intentions on losing weight until I went for my yearly check up with my doctor some time last year. My doctor advised me that my occasional knee pains were due to the fact that I was slightly overweight. Furthermore, if I wanted to lead a life with not much health complications, the only way was to say goodbye to all my favourite food and snacks, especially those heavily filled with unhealthy carbohydrates. I started doing simple exercises; morning or evening walks to nearby places or sometimes I head to the gym with my daughters. I did see results for the first couple of weeks but after a while it just got stagnant. I came across ketomei on some ads when I was on facebook and decided to give it a try. I was assisted by their lovely Staff to see which plan would be the most ideal for me. Eventually, I went straight to their 6 weeks meal plan. I could really see the difference in terms of my face shape and overall body fat composition. Before I was on a full keto diet, I weighed 59 kg and now i'm happy to say i'm 52kg with a healthy balanced diet! Thank you Ketomei for being part of my weight loss journey!

Before 59Kg
After 52Kg


Age: 26

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day and get yourself down on small slips and dips. I started on my fitness journey early this year when I saw this as a chance for me to get back on my feet. As cliche as it sounds, I’ve put on a lot of “Comfort weight” when I was in a relationship. After I broke off with my partner, I decided to care more about my well-being, physically and mentally. Did a lot of exercising at home during circuit breaker and would occasionally go for runs too. It wasn't until recently, when my friend introduced me Ketomei’s diet plan. I was a little skeptical about it at first as my love for carbs was real and I didn’t know what to expect. However, my friend was very assuring as she’s been on keto diet for a few years now and so I decided to check it out myself. Subscribed to Ketomei’s weekly plan to kickstart my keto journey. I was well impressed by the taste of every meal and kudos to the chef for making every week’s meal different and tasty! Never in my life would I expect to love Keto food this much! So thank you Ketomei for giving me this opportunity to explore different diets and sticking to it too!

Before 57Kg
After 50Kg

Marco Marcus


The power of consistency is real! I started getting into the habit of a healthy lifestyle and a well balanced diet a couple of years ago. Many people look for a quick fix, a shortcut, and an easy route! Me? It took me great determination to lose that extra pound, to resist myself from binge eating and to say NO during most social gatherings. ( Mainly turning down beer and cocktails was my biggest struggle) Having to change my body was a new process to me! I was never a fat kid, or what deemed as “chubby”.My diet consisted of high carbs which probably resulted in me not seeing any difference despite working out 3-4 times a week for the past couple of years. What worked for me was when I started a whole new fitness journey when I jumped on board with Ketomei’s 6 weeks meal subscription! I lost about 6kg in total, which may not seem a lot but I was very happy with the way I looked. My total fat percentage decreased as well which resulted in the significant difference around my belly area. Up to date, I am proud to say that I'm still consuming their meals as it's not only healthy and tasty but it also fits perfectly into my busy schedule!

Before 62Kg
After 56Kg

Gabriel Lim

Age: 23

7 years transformation! Slow progress is better than no progress! Dedication to the journey shows you results. The first step to getting on the right path is realising that nothing is impossible and you too can achieve your body goals! When I was 19 years old, I was scrawny and lean just like the picture on the left. I was often left out whenever my friends said they were going to the gym. I didn’t understand what they saw in bulking or building muscles but everytime they went without me, 3 years later,I was dedicating a lot of my time at the gym. The minute I saw results - arms getting bigger thighs getting thicker that’s when I just wanted more! More definition, more mass of course! When I start my bulking season, I’m not usually particular about what I eat. The most important cycle to me is definitely the cutting season however. During my cutting season, I can always rely on Ketomei’s diet meal plan. It’s perfect for me as it really helps me get into shape FAST! I’m talking about seeing results within days. I remember the first time I tried it and I couldn’t believe keto food could taste this good! I fell in love with Ketomei the minute I realised that having this meal subscription could save me so much time as I used to prepare my own healthy meals and not forgetting, helps me save money too! Convenient, affordable and healthy what more could you ask for? Best time to jump onto the Keto wagon!

Before 65Kg
After 59Kg


Age: 33

Transformation is never a straight and narrow road. There will be plenty of times you have to re-route and try new things. 39 kg between pictures and a whole lot more confidence and learning to love myself again these past few years! At the raw age of 19, I weighed 98 kg. Been bullied by my peers, ostracized by many and mainly being looked down upon in today’s society because I was deemed “Ugly” Why? because I was fat. I decided to do something about how I looked not because outer appearance matters but I wanted to feel confident inside and out. I tried a lot of things - Starving/ exercising a lot…. Eating just fruits. I did lose weight and it was addictive! However, I needed to find something that was more sustainable. I had a very poor diet where I would occasionally starve myself by only having one meal a day and that would be eating a simple salad. It was torturous at the start but after a while I got used to it. Recently, I tried Ketomei’s keto diet meal subscription. Got to try out 1 box first ; 6 different meals inside. It’s surprisingly super tasty! Many times, we always have that misconception that healthy food equates to bland or bad. But this tastes super good! Healthy and easy to heat up. I only have to put it in the microwave or steam it for a few minutes and it’s ready! Within 1 week, I managed to lose 2 kg! A huge accomplishment for me because I thought I could never go further than 61 kg. Right now, I’m happy to say that I’m 59kg with the lowest percentage body fat! Thank you Ketomei for fulfilling my body fat goals! Highly recommend this to anyone who would like to lose body fats especially when you think you cannot lose any further.

Before 75Kg
After 52Kg

Gaurav Chad

Age: 37

I’ve always struggled with my food intake in terms of not having the right diet or not knowing how to count my macros to achieve the “optimal” body type that i wanted. My body fat composition was relatively high ( more than 20%) too. During Circuit Breaker, I was 84 kg and I wanted to seize this opportunity to tone up/ lose some weight while being stuck at home. I did a lot of home workouts but I wasn’t really seeing results due to my diet as I was not very strict on it. Not forgetting my high body fat composition where I was not seeing much weight loss at areas where I wanted to get rid of. It was not until I chanced upon Ketomei where they provide keto meals that not only taste good but they were really affordable too! I really liked how they helped to count my Macronutrients on every meal packaging that they provided. I tried one box of Ketomei (6 different meals inside) and I've already noticed some results. I can proudly say I’ve lost 13kg ever since I’ve been taking up their meal plans. Up to date, i weigh 71 kg and hence I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone who would like to lose weight especially if your body fat composition is relatively high. Try it to believe it!

Before 84Kg
After 71Kg

Erika Saenz (Blogger) , 3 weeks plan


Staying at home gives us no excuse to eat junk! In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to really give thought to what we put in our bodies! 🌱 I’ve been subscribing to Keto meals from @keto.mei for the past month and I’ve lost 10bs so far while having delicious & filling meals. What a great way to lose weight!


Foo Jierong (Singer/Actor), on 6 weeks meal plan and 2 renewals


This is the first time in my life I have ever been on any form of diet and the results of a keto diet are amazing. Thank you Ketomei for providing affordable keto meals during this period that I took up the personal challenge. Ketomei meals are delicious and good variety in their menu and it helped me with my target in weight loss. After 100 days, I dropped my weight from 69.8 kg to 61.1 kg and waistline from 32 inches to 28 inches. Thank you Ketomei!


Harriet Manson, On Weekly Plan


So far with Ketomei, I have lost 9kg in four weeks. Not only are the meals healthy, fresh and delicious, but they are delivered promptly each week and the customer service has been consistently excellent throughout my journey. It is such a relief to take the hassle out of cooking and washing up, and the meals are great value for money. All nutritional information is provided for each meal, which makes tracking my macro intake totally hassle-free. I am so pleased that a service like Ketomei exists in Singapore and encourage anyone on a keto journey, from beginners to seasoned low-carbers, to sign up. Thank you Ketomei!