Add Keto-friendly beverages and snacks to go with your meals or just order them without the meals.  Free islandwide delivery if delivered with your meal subscription and for orders beyond $100

Keto Dessert

Keto Beverage

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    Almond Black Tea

    Almond Black Tea

    Level up your lazy afternoons with KETO Jennie’s Almond Black Tea, A cup of almond black tea with NO SUGAR AND NO MILK!

    • American Almonds
    • Sri Lankan UVA Tea
    • High Quality MCT-oil
    • Himalayan Pink Salt
    $6.50 $6.00
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Keto Snacks

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    Keto Almond Chocolates

    Enjoy the taste of delicious chocolates without worrying about breaking your diet!

    • California Almonds
    • Netherlands Cacao
    • No Sugar Added!
    $16.00 $15.50
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