Gabriel Lim

7 years transformation! Slow progress is better than no progress! Dedication to the journey shows you results. The first step to getting on the right path is realising that nothing is impossible and you too can achieve your body goals! When I was 19 years old, I was scrawny and lean just like the picture on the left. I was often left out whenever my friends said they were going to the gym. I didn’t understand what they saw in bulking or building muscles but everytime they went without me,

3 years later,I was dedicating a lot of my time at the gym. The minute I saw results – arms getting bigger thighs getting thicker that’s when I just wanted more! More definition, more mass of course! When I start my bulking season, I’m not usually particular about what I eat. The most important cycle to me is definitely the cutting season however. During my cutting season, I can always rely on Ketomei’s diet meal plan. It’s perfect for me as it really helps me get into shape FAST! I’m talking about seeing results within days. I remember the first time I tried it and I couldn’t believe keto food could taste this good! I fell in love with Ketomei the minute I realised that having this meal subscription could save me so much time as I used to prepare my own healthy meals and not forgetting, helps me save money too! Convenient, affordable and healthy what more could you ask for? Best time to jump onto the Keto wagon!