Gaurav Chad

I’ve always struggled with my food intake in terms of not having the right diet or not knowing how to count my macros to achieve the “optimal” body type that i wanted. My body fat composition was relatively high ( more than 20%) too.

During Circuit Breaker, I was 84 kg and I wanted to seize this opportunity to tone up/ lose some weight while being stuck at home. I did a lot of home workouts but I wasn’t really seeing results due to my diet as I was not very strict on it. Not forgetting my high body fat composition where I was not seeing much weight loss at areas where I wanted to get rid of.

It was not until I chanced upon Ketomei where they provide keto meals that not only taste good but they were really affordable too! I really liked how they helped to count my Macronutrients on every meal packaging that they provided.

I tried one box of Ketomei (6 different meals inside) and I’ve already noticed some results. I can proudly say I’ve lost 13kg ever since I’ve been taking up their meal plans. Up to date, i weigh 71 kg and hence I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone who would like to lose weight especially if your body fat composition is relatively high. Try it to believe it!