I never had any intentions on losing weight until I went for my yearly check up with my doctor some time last year. My doctor advised me that my occasional knee pains were due to the fact that I was slightly overweight. Furthermore, if I wanted to lead a life with not much health complications, the only way was to say goodbye to all my favourite food and snacks, especially those heavily filled with unhealthy carbohydrates. I started doing simple exercises; morning or evening walks to nearby places or sometimes I head to the gym with my daughters. I did see results for the first couple of weeks but after a while it just got stagnant. I came across ketomei on some ads when I was on facebook and decided to give it a try. I was assisted by their lovely Staff to see which plan would be the most ideal for me. Eventually, I went straight to their 6 weeks meal plan. I could really see the difference in terms of my face shape and overall body fat composition. Before I was on a full keto diet, I weighed 59 kg and now i’m happy to say i’m 52kg with a healthy balanced diet! Thank you Ketomei for being part of my weight loss journey!