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About Us

We are a food tech company that provides healthy meals, technologies & proven methods to help our customers lose weight and meet their health goals.
Our Keto meals are delicious, convenient and affordable in order to make the Keto lifestyle sustainable and enjoyable.
Over the years, we’ve delivered over half a million meals and change the lives of over 5000 customers who embark on their Keto and low carb journey with us.
At Ketomei, we’ve got you covered … you will never walk alone!
Our story began with one man’s challenging search for keto meals and his burning desire to create and sustain a unique Keto diet and lifestyle in carb-rich Asia. From this, Ketomei was born.

I believe it is time to change the way we eat. We should understand how food affects our health and choose the right kind of diet to meet your health goal and lifestyle.

The Ketogenic diet is an amazing way to lose weight and stay healthy. I hope with Ketomei, more people can enjoy our food while staying on a keto or a low carb lifestyle

Constant Tong

Founder & CEO

Ketomei was founded by Constant Tong in 2019. Before venturing into F&B, Constant was in the tech space. having worked in various MNCs & startups across US, China and South East Asia. He learnt about Keto diet a few years ago as he was looking for easy way to lose belly fat and improve energy.

Ketomei was started due to his passion and his own experience on the benefits of the diet. He found that it was extremely difficult to stay on Keto in Asia as our food is very much carbs based. He wanted to help more people get into the Keto lifestyle and improve their health while eating great tasting food.

Our Brand

We have the following brands catering to various different diet and lifestyle needs
Keto Meals
Healthy Balanced Meals
Crazy Good Plant Based Meals
Our Goals

Sticking to any diet is tough and some say a keto diet tops the list, especially in Asia. We know as we’ve all been there!

So at Ketomei, we aim to make it easier and enjoyable for you to

  • Enjoy our delicious meals (and desserts!) conveniently delivered to your door
  • Learn about the Keto & Nutrition in our workshop
  • Join our K42 Challenge and be our Keto champion
  • Support and keto-together with our liked-minded Ketomei community at our workshops and workout events
  • Achieve your health goal and improve your quality of life
Our Results
Over 5000 Customers & Counting
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