21 Days Keto On! Workshop

(3rd-24th Oct, 2020)

KetoOn! Kick Start Program by Kelly Tan Peterson

FAST-TRACK LASTING RESULTS FROM DAY 1 Now due to demand, Kelly Tan Peterson’s Keto On!™ 21 Day Kick Start Program is back. And it’s even more effective than before! Keto On!™ 21 Day Keto Kick Start Program (in the form of (6 Webinars and 30 days keto coaching) puts participants on the fast-track to great and lasting results

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3rd Oct 2020, Saturday 12 noon to 1pm (Singapore time)

Power up your progress by learning about:

  1. Keto diet in a nutshell: its benefits and why it contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. What to eat: find out about keto-friendly food and ingredients.
  3. How much to eat: calculate personal keto diet macros.
  4. Why eating fat will make you slim: address the fear of eating fat.

SPECIAL ACCESS – Join Kelly’s 21-Day Success Secrets Facebook Group after you complete this session!

Mid-Week Live Special: Ask Kelly!
Got questions? Get them answered at this interactive 30-minute session with Kelly Tan Peterson.
Mark your Calendar: 7th Oct, Wednesday, 12 noon to 1pm



10th Oct 2020, Saturday, 12 noon to 1pm (Singapore time)

Power up your progress by learning about:

  1. Keto nutrition: what your body really needs is more than the standard diet recommendations.
  2. Meal planning: how to implement meals with a balance of good nutrients, simply and conveniently.
  3. Addressing obstacles: challenges faced due to loved ones, social pressures and more.
  4. Managing keto flu: one of the biggest obstacles many face at the start of their keto journey. Learn how to prevent and manage it.

Mid-Week Live Special: Cooking Class
Cook with Kelly as she whips up keto-friendly meals on the spot.
(We’ll send you an ingredient list will be given two days in advance!)

Mark your Calendar: 14th Oct, Wednesday, 12 noon to1 pm



17th Oct, 2020, Saturday, 12 noon to 1pm (Singapore time)

Power up your progress by learning about:

  1. Keto cooking with spices – seasonings for tastier keto creations.
  2. Intermittent fasting – incorporating IF with keto.
  3. Exercise – working out on a keto diet.
  4. Happy sweet treats – introducing keto baking into your lifestyle: the when and the how.

Live Special: K21 Graduation Web Party!
Mark your Calendar: 24th Oct, Saturday 12 noon to 1 pm
Celebrate your milestone with your new friends and share uplifting transformation stories of your 21-Day challenge.



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