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Our Spring Themed Pastry Box drives strong inspirations from tea with our intense Matcha-filled Paris Brest, moist and light Earl Grey Cake, as well as our Lemon Lavender Shortbread Cookies, which is perfect for dipping into your tea! It also pulls inspiration from Easter with our Classic Keto Cinnamon roll topped with decadent vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. Lastly, we also have an ode to the start of beach-going weather with our cheesy seaweed muffin, perfect for breakfast or for a snack!
Only available from March to May 2021! Order it NOW or NEVER!

Consist of:
1. Paris Brest
Nutrition Fact: (per pastry)
Fat: 13.1g, Protein: 7.6g, Net Carbs: 1.5g, Calories: 152Kcals

2. Cinnamon Roll
To get the best result, microwave it for 20-30 seconds.
Nutrition Fact: (per roll)
Fat: 28.3g, Protein: 24.9g, Net Carbs: 5.2g, Calories: 386Kcals

3. Cheesy Seaweed Muffin
To get the best result, microwave it for 20-30 seconds.
Nutrition Fact: (per muffin)
Fat: 18.3g, Protein: 16.2g, Net Carbs: 3.8g, Calories: 250Kcals

4. Earl Grey Cake
Nutrition Fact: (per cake)
Fat: 26.9g, Protein: 12.4g, Net Carbs: 3.9g, Calories: 318Kcals

5. Lemon Lavender Cookies
Nutrition Fact: (per cookie)
Fat: 2.1g, Protein: 0.5g, Net Carbs: 0.2g, Calories: 22Kcals

*Please order at least 3 days in advance.
*Only available from March to May 2021.


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