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  • Assam Seabass Fillet

    Egg, Green Bean, Konjac Rice

    Seabass fillet cook in spicy & sour sauce, served with green bean sautéed in garlic and konjac rice.

    Nutrition Fact: Calories 831

    Fat 66.7g, Protein 40g, Total Carbs 16.6g Net Carbs: 10g


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  • Baked Asian Chicken Wing

    vegetable curry, bean curd, spring onion egg

    Chicken wing marinated in soy, sesame oil and baked, simple vegetable curry with cabbage and green bean, homely spring onion egg

    Fat 83.2g, Protein 90.2g, Net Carbs 7.3g, Total Crabs 11.9g, 1089 Kcals

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  • Baked Garlic Soy Barramundi

    sautéed cabbage, shiitake, Cauli rice

    Fat 75.1g, Protein 37g, Net Carbs 11.5g, Total Carb 18.7g, 888 Kcal

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  • Baked Mustard Pollock,

    Cauliflower mash, Thai asparagus, Greek yoghurt dressing

    Pollock marinated with Dijon mustard and herbs, cauliflower is cooked till soft, mashed with butter and cream cheese, roasted thai asparagus and tangy yoghurt dressing.

    Fat 67.4g, Protein 56.8g, Net Carbs 9.6g Total Carbs 14.3g, 875/ Kcals


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  • Basil Pesto Seabass

    Basil Pistou Seabass

    Cherry tomatoes roasted broccoli, balsamic braised red cabbage

    Fat 48.2g, Protein 35g, Net Carbs 9.1g Total Carbs 13g, 614 Kcals

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  • Char Siew Pork Belly with Cauli Rice

    cauli rice, bok choy, sunny side egg

    pork belly char siew adapted from Kelly’s recipes, served with al dente cauliflower rice, blanched bok choy, top with a sunny side egg

    Fat 88.8g, Protein 25.7g, Total Carbs 14.9g, Net Carb 9.7g

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