Our Mission

We are dedicated to our promise of delivering the best quality meals to our consumers.  We offer meals at an affordable price for healthier, filling, refreshing and satisfying meals for optimum value and to foster a healthy and nourishing keto lifestyle.

To be recognised as a leading brand in the Keto food industry and to build on our high standards in our Keto-compliant meals, from sourcing of good quality ingredients, safe preparation of food, ensuring our food is tasty and delicious, and take cautious steps to ensure that our food reach our consumers in the utmost best and fresh condition.


Meet The Team

Ketomei is focused on providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience that energises everyone – delicious food with integrity and exceptional customer service.

We inspire healthier communities by connecting with people to delicious healthy food and our passion is to make a difference in everyone’s health and goals.

Constant Tong
Founder & CEO
Before venturing into F&B, Constant has been a senior leader & entrepreneur in the gaming and Fintech space. Having worked in various multinational tech companies and startup across US, China and SEA such as Electronic Arts, Razer, TradeHero, EdgeMatrix etc.  Constant graduated with a Computer Science degree from the National University of Singapore.

Born and raised in Singapore, he moved to the US in 2007 and got to know about Keto diet a few years ago. Ketomei was started due to his passion and his own experience on the benefits of the diet. He found that it was extremely difficult to stay on Keto in Asia as our food is very much carbs based. He wanted to help more people get into Keto lifestyle and improve their health while eating great tasting food.