Step 1

Order Your Meal Plan

Choose from our 1, 3 or 6-week meal plans. View options

Step 2

Select Your Meals

Our Menu is updated twice a week. Make your selections by Cut-Off or the default menu will be auto-selected for you.

Step 3

Track Your Delivery

You’ll receive an SMS link to track your delivery the day before your order arrives.

Step 4

Receive Your Order!

You’ll receive 6 meals per delivery. Please place the meals in the fridge within 2-3 hours of delivery to ensure freshness.


Pick your meals at Select Meals before the following cut-off times, weekly.

A reminder email will be sent to you.

Delivery Day Cut Off TimesTo select meals
Tuesday By Night (23.59pm) on Thursday before
Friday By Night (23.59pm) on Monday before


Variety of meals

Ranging from Western to Asian Cuisine including local hawker-style shiokness

Delivery Time

Day (10:30pm-02:30pm) or Night (4:30pm-8:30pm)

Delivery Day

Tuesdays & Fridays


All meal packages are labelled with the respective ingredients, nutritional information, and best before dates.

Our meals are blast chilled, sealed, and delivered with ice packs to ensure freshness.

Follow reheating instruction. Reheat and eat in just 3 mins!

Upon receiving your meals, please store it in the fridge (Last up to 7-10 days), not freezer.

Help Us Recycle!

Return carton box, liner, and ice packs on the next delivery.


Please select the meals for your next delivery strictly following the cut-off time. Once it is passed the cut-off time, Customers are unable to see the meal selections for their next delivery, and our system will select the default meal selections for them (which is the first 6 meals that is shown in the menu).


Our Meal plan is auto-renewal so you won’t miss meals and can stay in the Keto diet.

To continue your renewals, there’s nothing to do. Payment will automatically be charged at the next Payment date.

  1. This will stop the renewal for your next meal plan.
  2. No charge to your credit card.
  3. Your subscription will end on the last delivery of your current plan.

To stop renewals, customer can go to MY ACCOUNT. Then click on SUBSCRIPTIONS and finally, click on the CANCEL RENEWAL button.


Want to take a break from keto meals for a while? or are you planning to travel abroad? WE GOT YOU COVERED!

  1. 1. Simply suspend your meal by clicking on MY ACCOUNT. Then, click on SUSPEND MEALS under SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  2. 2. Choose the date you want to suspend and resume your meals.

Generally, we allow for one suspension for 3 weeks plan and 2 suspensions for 6 weeks plan. And suspension is usually for no longer than 2 weeks.