K42 Season 1 – Have YOU Got What It Takes to Join Our K42 Challenge?

Who’s ready for a leaner, stronger, and healthier body?


Last Summer, we’ve launched a challenge which is an unforgettable experience for our participants’ journey to a happy and healthy life. The challenge is called “K42” as participants will be given the golden opportunity to change their habits by engaging in keto lifestyle and fitness challenges within 42 days. It seems difficult and complicated right? However, participants don’t need to worry about their next meal or where to buy ingredients that fits into their diet anymore! It will be as easy as a click of a button and instantly we will deliver keto-licious meals to them.

The purpose of our K42 Challenge is to make our participants’ (and it also can be YOU!) dreams come true. This is because most of the people have been busy managing their hectic schedules, or face difficulties in finding convenient access to easy diet products, or even lack of self-control to strictly stick to a healthy lifestyle. We know that we’re all frustrated because we don’t have the time to manage a healthy lifestyle in the midst of our busy life, whether it is about working or studying.

In the end… Some people chose to ignore it and continue on with their current lifestyle, which is of course, unhealthy and may affect their health in the future.

“Humans tend to heavily discount the future, meaning things that we have now are more valuable to us than things we’ll have in a few years” (A. Braun, 2019).

Therefore, the K42 Challenge will be a program where WE fulfill participants’ needs to achieve their goals. When participants joined the program, there will be a variety of keto meals, from Asian to Western cuisine, including free mouth-watering keto snacks and goodies delivered to them.



In addition, we are partnering up with Ritual Fit to help participants manage their body to stay fit!



As their name suggest, the Ritual Fit app Stay Home Edition will customizes a daily HIIT routine in just 30 mins for our participants according to their fitness goals, and it also contains over 5,000 comprehensive audio coaching cues! So, participants don’t need to worry about being bored about the same daily routines or having performed the wrong postures.



And that’s not only it!

Our participants also get to participated in a free workshop which featured Bonnie, our Certified Dietitian, as a guest speaker who will then 
share her tips and tricks for a keto diet and answer any burning questions our participants may have over 3 comprehensive webinars. Hence, participants can grow together within the K42 Community!

Here’s a sneak peek at one of our webinars.

So, all of the required needs for participants to achieve their goals are already settled. However, participants may be worried as they may feel unmotivated throughout the challenge. FRET NOT as we will keep them motivated by giving all participants a chance to win $20,000 worth of prizes!



Our Winners’ Stories


Darren Tey

Second Runner-up (Male Category)

Darren Tey, Manager at a Biologics facility has been struggling to shed the extra 10kg he had gained during the circuit breaker. So, what did he do? He turned to Ketomei’s K42 challenge as a viable way to lose weight while maintaining his muscle mass. Amazingly, while hitting his protein level effectively by consulting his Personal Trainer, he was able to lose about 7kg within the 4 weeks period. Even more astonishing was the fact that he only lost fats and maintained his protein content in the process! His biggest struggle was resisting the temptation to consume sweet treats, as well as rice, as they had been a huge part of his pre-keto diet, but he motivated himself by looking at the new and improved version of himself in the mirror and the consistent results he saw!

Before and After:



Trisa Tin

Second Runner-up (Female Category)

Our 2nd runner up in the female’s category is Trisa Tin, who works at a Foreign Bank. She was horrified to find out that she was no longer able to wear her old dresses, even the ones that used to be loose on her. Dolling up was a huge passion for her and she resolved to get the meals from Ketomei to shed the weight gained from the circuit breaker. She was impressed by the affordable meals available – However, was concerned about some health issues she had been facing. Luckily, while consulting customer support, she was reassured that the keto diet would not affect any medication she was on, and was even alerted to the K42 challenge! After she signed up, she was impressed by the many activities and nutritional webinars available, as well as the inspiring results she saw while participating in the challenge. Pushed by her goal to fit into her old clothes, she made it to the finish line with praises from her friends and family, who were all impressed by her weight loss.

Before and After:


Dorothy Hwee

First Runner-up (Female Category)

Dorothy Hwee was also inspired to take up the K42 challenge because of circuit breaker weight gain. The biggest challenge she faced during the K42 Journey was keeping the hunger pangs away. As someone who had snacked avidly before the challenge, she  really had to discipline herself and resist looking for snacks in between meals. To make sure she wasn’t turning to unhealthy snacks, she drank a lot of water and also had to adapt her social life to the requirements of the keto diet. When her friends tempted her with starchy finger foods, she had to turn them down, even though the food was right under her nose. However, the positives of the diet definitely outweigh the cons because not only did she lose the unwanted weight, she also gained a treasure trove of knowledge through the webinars and interaction sessions and even finds it easier to go to the toilet because of the change in diet!

Before and After:


Steve Wee

First Runner-up (Male Category)

The first runner up in the male category, Steve Wee, is not only an IT Engineer but also a busy family man taking care of 3 young kids! Although he wanted to lose weight, he found meal preparation too tedious, and the ease of having healthy keto meals delivered to his doorstep really worked wonders for his weight loss journey! In the span of 6 weeks, he was able to lose 13 kg. He truly enjoyed his routine of cycling, walking and running, without having to think about preparing his next meal. Despite his cravings for sweet treats, he was able to persevere on, especially with the help of complimentary sweets from Ketomei’s bakery like the burnt basque cheesecake to keep him going!

Before and After:


Finally, our big winners or dare I say, “losers” are none other than Ricky Foo and Champagne Tan!


Ricky Foo

Winner (Male Category)

Being a Financial Planner, Ricky found losing weight and eating healthily quite difficult for him as he would often give up halfway because of the lack of motivation. The K42 challenge and the attractive prizes up for grabs motivated him to continue pushing myself forward. Keeping the attractive prizes available in mind which really helped him to push through this challenge, despite his previous failures. His biggest challenge was overcoming his sweet tooth. Much like Steve, he really loved his desserts which made it difficult for him to transition to the Keto diet. Lucky for them, Ketomei’s provision of desserts from their in-house bakery made the challenge bearable, giving him the boost he needed to continue to push on. 

That being said, he was also unable to dine out with his clients and friends, which affected his ability to connect as a Financial Planner. His sales for the month dropped because he took time away from his work to focus on the challenge – giving his 100% was his main focus! 

“As someone who was struggling with weight loss, this challenge really motivated me to do well precisely because of the attractive prizes and the community support from the connections I made with other participants, as well as the free conferences,” said Ricky Foo.

It remains his most effective and inspiring weight loss process to date!


Before and After:


Champagne Tan

Winner (Female Category)

Champagne Tan, who is a Personal Assistant joined this challenge because it gave her the motivation to lose weight which she previously lacked. Her biggest challenge was being unable to eat “normal food” with friends and family. She also struggled with getting the motivation to exercise and work on the Ritual Fit workout app.

Luckily, there were huge motivating factors pushing her forward, such as the prize money, delicious food from Ketomei, her competitiveness, ego, and desire to wear her previous clothes again when she was slimmer, as well as peer support – friends who were doing keto together. During the challenge, the satisfaction she felt after exercising, the keto snacks, the regular support from Ketomei (zoom training, adhoc games, and contests) and seeing her weight drop bit by bit every morning really made her enjoy the challenge. She can now wear the jeans in the picture above which she was unable to button just 2 months ago. Furthermore, she can start chasing buses without her knees causing discomfort! 

To date, she lost 8.3kg, and she is sure that anyone else who participates in this challenge can strive to achieve results just like hers!

Before and After:



Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the biggest loser in our next K42 Challenge RELAUNCHED happening this 17 July 2021?


Are you ready to finally get rid of those extra kgs that have been following you around for ages?  If so, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


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