K42 Season 2 – We Are Back! Embark on Your New Keto Journey with Us!

K42 Challenge is back! This time we saw new faces and heard more exciting experiences from those who joined our challenges. So, are you excited to hear about the winners and their journey?

The past K42 Challenge has been a huge success as our contestants have shown their excellent dedication and impressive body transformation. Looking at this, we are pleased to be a part of their healthy journey and decided to continue on our K42 Challenge!



As stated before, our K42 Challenge is proven to have TRANSFORMED people’s lives. However, this could not be done without our participants’ own strong will to change their habits gradually for a better health. We know this isn’t as easy as only sticking to keto diets for a few weeks and not doing anything – Our participants are determined and committed to achieve their goals by overcoming unhealthy food temptations and did several workouts in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Hence, to reward their hard work, in Season 2, we are increasing the chances for our participants to win a prize through several new awards. Isn’t it exciting? In that, ALL participants are eligible to win over $10,000 worth of prizes as well as several consolation prizes that are worth more than $200 each!



And just like the previous challenge, our K42 Season 2 featured a keto-friendly kit for our K42 warriors which consisted of:

  • Freshly cooked keto meals from our kitchen delivered to your door!


Each dish is specially crafted by our talented chefs using only quality ingredients to mesmerize our participant’s palate, so their keto experience will be more enjoyable and, at the same time, healthy! It also included ketolicious desserts and snacks to satisfy our customers’ cravings as we partner up with several famous local and overseas brands.


  • Educational digital workshops with a Certified Dietitian to empower participants with the necessary knowledge that will help them lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Bonnie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian wit a keen interest in keto and low-carb diets, weight management, gut health, and chronic disease prevention. She will gladly help our participants, who have burning desires to know about keto diet, throughout their healthy journey!



  • Finally, participants will also have the privilege to access Ritual Fit app, a personal training app to optimize our participants’ exercise with the daily 30-min personalized HIIT workouts and high-quality audio coaching! Do take note that this is suitable for all ages and abilities. It also did not require any equipments during the workouts! Isn’t it so efficient?



Our Winners’ Stories


Marcus Lai

Mr. Muscle


Marcus Lai, the winner of Mr. Muscle award, joined K42 Challenge as he is determined to lose weight and, at the same time, maintain a well-built body. He mentioned that our keto workshop was a great help for him as he can learn about the necessary nutrients and sustaining a keto diet which are needed to achieve his goals. So, equipped with the knowledge he gain from our workshop, he started his first week by eating 2 keto meals a day and workout for 4 times a week. However, as he is determined to achieve the result faster, he changed the amount of meals he ate in a day.

When asked about his struggles, Marcus has a hard time giving up on his favourite food and drinks, especially when he is visiting his friend’s house. However, having a strong motivation to commit to the challenge, he rejected the temptations to eat a pandan cake that his friends are all enjoying.

Astonishingly, by doing several workouts that focus on muscle-building throughout our K42 Challenge, he managed to lose 8.5 kg while still maintaining his muscle mass! 




Mr. Influencer


The winner for Mr/Ms. Influencer award is Erikson! He joined K42 Challenge because he wanted to lose weight and stay fit. As such, he started his keto journey with our “K42 Challenge” program. He then regularly posted his daily routine on social media (Instagram) as a way to motivate himself.

Not only does it makes it easier for him to track his progress, it also make him remember to stay on his diet by making him think about what to post next and how he will present the meal in the post. What a genius way to make us stick to our diet routine!

Due to his commitment, he loses 3.9kg and also influenced his friend to join our challenge! Erikson mentioned that his friend was interested in joining because they saw his progressive results. However, they are originally skeptical about the negative rumours around keto diet. Luckily, Erikson, equipped with the right information from our workshop, was able to refute the rumours and explain to his friends about keto diet know-how.



Joy Marquez

Extraordinary Diligence Award


As a mom, Joy Marquez experienced a huge milestone after joining the K42 Challenge. She lost 7.5kg which is the most weight she has lost since giving birth 7 years ago! This motivates her to continue on her keto diet journey.

After joining K42 Challenge, she is impressed by the changes as nowadays some of her clothes started to fit on her again.

Throughout the challenge, she mentioned that it really helped her to focus on dieting as she did not need to worry about buying groceries nor cooking in the midsts of her busy days. With Ketomei meals, she just needs to pack up her meals wherever she goes. In addition, her sweet cravings are also fulfilled by our desserts and snacks! She specifically loves one of our partners’ product, Choco Elf.

When asked about her future keto journey, she has a burning desire to go back to her original weight, which is 49kg (currently is 61kg). She is also determined to add exercise into her daily routine because she did not do it throughout the K42 Challenge. Right now, she developed a new hobby… watching K-Drama while doing elliptical workout!



Lynn Tan

Most Resilient

It is good to see Lynn Tan back to our K42 Challenge! Lynn and her husband joined our Season 1 K42 Challenge. And they are glad to be back as they enjoy Ketomei’s meals. They are amazed by the improvements in the taste and portion. In addition, nowadays, the desserts are increasing in variety! (P.S. She tried almost all Ketomei’s dessert, WOW).

Lynn mentioned that the reason she’s going back to our challenge was due to several issues which caused her to be dissatisfied with her result. Now, in Season 2, she is satisfied with her improvement although it is also hindered by some difficulties she faced after getting vaccinated.

Therefore, for her future planning, she is determined to keep continuing on her keto journey and hoping to join our next challenge!



Joy Tan

Most Aesthetic Transformation

The winner for the most aesthetic transformation is Joy Tan. Just look at her pictures! The emoji are twinning! Isn’t so aesthetic?

Joy have been keen on trying our meals and was surprised because of the varieties as there are also local food and desserts. Hence, she did not need to worry about the common misconceptions that people, who are on ketogenic diet, eat boring and bland food. This is because our menu changes every week, ranging from Asian to Western cuisines!

Joy mentioned that she is satisfied with her weight loss and wanted to include jogging and swimming into her daily routines to maximize her results! Although, she faces several difficulties due to vaccination, which causes her to have a heart issue. She is still determined in keeping up with her routines by going on a 30-45 mins walk outdoors.



Now, introducing our top three winners!


Yong Wei Pang

3rd Winner


In the third place is Yong Wei Pang, who lost remarkably 10.2 kg and 7.3% of body fat after joining our K42 Challenge!

Yong Wei coincidentally found our K42 Challenge from an Instagram ad. However, we could say that this is fate as Yong Wei has been struggling to stick to several diets that she had done in the past which she added, “too painful to do in the long-term”. Astonishingly, due to the motivation to win the prize in this challenge and supported by her friends, she persevere until the end. She rejected the temptations to eat unhealthy snacks and food, especially donuts that she saw on her friend’s IG stories. Though she also rejected her friends’ invitation to eat food that will hinder her diets, she found a solution through her favourite food, Steamboat (Keto-friendly)! Where she can eat her portion and, at the same time, share with her friends.

As of right now, she feels confident when wearing her clothes, which motivates her to push further. Therefore, she added walking and hiking to her daily routines on the weekend.


Before and After:


Katherine Chew

2nd Winner


Katherine Chew, our second winner, is a bubble tea lover as she likes the sugar level to be 100%. However, as time goes by, she feels that she did not like her own body whenever she looked into the mirror. From there, she is motivated to do diets and exercise regularly. But, to no avail, she never really work out as there is no motivation, leading to a temporary desire. Moreover, she did try keto diet before. However, similar to her previous attempt, she got tired of preparing her own meals as it is too complicated.

That is when “I found out about Ketomei, which changes everything,” she said.

At first, her friend is skeptical as she spent so much and encouraged her to just increase the amount of workout as they feel it is not worth it. However, throughout the challenge, her friends saw differences. From that, they gradually supported her by reminding her to work out and prevented her from getting tempted towards unhealthy foods. This encourage her to work harder, where she started to do workout regularly and make time again for her hobby, which is dancing. Amusingly, she feels better every morning she wakes up!

Throughout our challenge, she managed to tone her body through home workouts and dancing. Though there have been difficulties as she experienced a very bad craving for lemon meringue tart, she managed to substitute her craving through our Lemon Tart in which she exclaim joyfully as “really delicious!”.


Before and After:


Atom Zhou

1st Winner


Finally… our winner is Atom Zhou! Just look at the difference below (before and after). As you can see, in just 6 weeks, his transformation is unbelievable!

Atom, a part-time Master student from SMU, was interested in joining K42 Challenge. He is determined to stay fit in order to focus on his sports performance and own health. Therefore, in addition to eating keto meals, he exercises 6-8 times a week and follows a cross-fit program. He is astounded by the weight drops in the first 4 weeks, which is about 5 to 6kg! Hence, in the later weeks, he focus on staying fit by signing up on boxing classes, where he regularly checks on his calories. When asked about temptations, he mentioned that he did not have much time to get tempted by food or laziness as he work everyday and focuses on training to achieve his goals during his free time.


In the end, it is not about how much weight you lost.. It is all about the sport performance and health,” he said. 


Before and After:


As you can see…

Their transformation and positivity did not only spread happiness to people around them, but also brought joy to us as we are glad that we could support our participants in achieving their goals. 



Looking at their journey, where our K42 fighters grow and share their pain and also happiness together, are you interested in joining our next challenge?

As the CEO of Ketomei, Constant said, “You glow, when you’re on keto!”

Start your keto journey with us by signing up on k42challenge.com.

Next journey will be yours!

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